We Support Robbi Kesler for Olympia City Council!

  • Skokomish Tribal Council

  • David Burnett, former Chairman of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

  • David Iyall, Nisqually Tribal Council, Treasurer

  • Claudia Kauffman, former Washington State Senator, 47th Legislative District

  • Michael Steadman, Lacey City Council Member

  • Native American Caucus of the Washington State Democrats

  • Thurston County Democrats

  • Julie Johnson, Chair, Native American Caucus, Washington State Democrats

  • Rion Ramirez, Democratic National Committee Native American Caucus Chair

  • Jon Tunheim, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney

  • Walter Jorgenson, Former City of Tumwater Council Member

Gerry Alexander, Retired Chief Justice, Washington State Supreme Court, Of Counsel BGWP PLLC

Christophe Allen, Owner, Acme Fuel

Shana Barehand

Nancy Bean

Steve Bean, Attorney

Emily Bergkamp

Martin Bohl

Whitney Bowerman

Melissa Braun

Megan Card, Attorney, Past President Thurston County Bar Association

Michael Chun, General Manager/Principal, Associated Environmental Group, LLC

Terry Church, Attorney, Past President Thurston County Bar Association

Darrell Cochran,​ Attorney

Phil Comstock

Liz Davis Selsor

John Dodge, Author/Journalist

Cheryl Duryea, Attorney

Chris Dutton

Shawna Dutton

Adán Espino

Al Ewing

Neil Falkenburg, Owner, West Bay Marina

Dr. Mary Ferris, OD

Chrissy Fralick, Educator

Angela Francois

Corey Gauney

Fred Gentry, Attorney

Mary Gentry, Attorney

Teresa Glidden

Kelly Hackney, Pharmacist 

Kyle Hackney, Dentist

Wendy Harris

Jack Havens

Susan Havens

Vicki Hayes

Edward Holm, Former Thurston County Prosecutor

Flavia Hulsey

Geoff Hulsey, Attorney, President Thurston County Bar Association

Matt Huot, Attorney

Donald Ingersoll

Candace Jacobs

Barbara LaForge

Raymond LaForge

Don Law, Attorney (retired)

Deborah Lee

Andrew Lenderman

Melissa MacLennan

Ashley McBride, RN

Brady McDonald, Dentist

Kelly Morgan

Kim Newell, Nurse Practitioner

Quint Newell, Commercial Realtor

Jessicarae Nuñez

Noel Parrish

Paige Porter

Jim Randall, Attorney

Leslie Romer

Kim Schmanke 

Katie Schmidt Hurley

Ernie Stebbins

Kimberly Stringfellow

Paul Strophy, Attorney

Jamie Sullivan

Alan Swanson, Attorney

Andy Thielen, owner of multiple downtown businesses

Alison Vega, Doctor of Audiology

Danielle Zola

Thurston County Realtors Association

Thurston Affordable Housing Council

"I have known Robbi personally and professionally for many years, and she is both competent and extremely qualified for this position.  She is accomplished as an attorney and has devoted her career to public service for Tribes and the State Legislature." - David Burnett

Robbi will provide a much needed balanced voice to the Olympia City Council!" - Christophe Allen, ACME Fuel

"Robbi is a pragmatist and problem solver. She has deep, generational ties to the south sound area and is very committed to this community. She has a terrific skill set, remarkable experience, and would bring a great perspective to the Olympia city council." - Jim Randall

"Robbi is a capable and thoughtful leader who can represent Olympia well." - Kyle and Kelly Hackney

“Robbi is organized, professional, and collaborative. Her dedication and passion for service were apparent and I learned so much from serving with her. I am confident these traits will translate to government where she already has a wealth of experience.”  - Kelly Morgan, served on ORLA PTA Board with Robbi

"Robbi is an incredibly intelligent, well spoken and organized leader. She would make a great and much needed addition to Olympia city council." - Chris and Shawna Dutton

"Some people talk about doing things, Robbi actually does them. And she does them for all the right reasons. The Olympia regional learning academy (ORLA) wouldn’t have a before and after school care program without Robbi’s tireless work to get it started, on behalf of working families. She has my full support!" - Emily Bergkamp

"The Olympia City Council and our State needs to elect representatives with working experience in our State Capitol and with a legal degree to enhance and protect our citizens and to ensure quality services at every level. I endorse Robbi Kesler." - Julie Johnson, Chair, Native American Caucus, WA State Democrats

"Robbi Kesler is the voice of reason that Olympia needs. Her education, work and leadership experience have prepared her to listen and lead effectively." - Katie Hurley

​"I know Robbi as a fellow Junior League member and as a friend. She is intelligent, a critical thinker and balanced in her thinking. She will be a wonderful and much needed addition to our City Council." - Alison Vega

"I have worked with Robbi on several different occasions over the years. As an attorney, she has a robust background in economic development, contracts, taxes, and of course lawmaking. As a person, she is thoughtful, kind and full of common sense. She will bring common sense and compassionate solutions to complicated problems." - Shana Barehand